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The following individuals and organizations have served as sources of inspiration, funding, or other forms of support for my work. For brevity, I have listed individuals only if they offered support independent of any organization. Otherwise I have listed organizations, most of which host many individuals to whom I am very grateful. Please contact me if you see an omission. I try hard to be mindful of all the support I have received and cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

In alphabetical order:

Action Design

Alex Panos

Amy Boebel

Arthur Vining Davis Foundations

Belkora Research Group colleagues

Better Health Foundation

Blue Shield of California

Breast Cancer Connections

Breast Cancer Fund

California Breast Cancer Research Program

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Resource Centers of Mendocino County

Cancer Support Community

Cardiff University

Coventry University

Center for Shared Decision Making At Dartmouth

Datstat Research Enhancement Award Mechanism (DREAM)

Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice

Dartmouth Summer Institute for Informed Patient Choice

Decision Education Foundation, Menlo Park

Decision Processes Inc.

Decision Quality International / MyDecide / Decision Street

Dorland Health People Awards

Edinburgh Cancer Centre (Scotland)

Education Network to Advance Cancer Clinical Trials (ENACCT)


Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making

Halbert Hargrove Global Advisors

Harvard University


H.M. Fishbon Memorial Library, UCSF

Humboldt Community Breast Health Project

Ida and Joseph Friend Cancer Resource Center, UCSF

Informed Medical Decisions Foundation

Komen Foundation

Massachusetts General Hospital Health Decision Research Unit

Mayo Clinic - Center for Innovation and KER Unit

Michigan State University

Mount Zion Health Fund

NIH/UCSF K12 BIRCWH Career Development Award

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Patients who have participated in studies

Pfizer Independent Research Award

Phi Beta Kappa of Northern California

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Russell Investments

Safeway Foundation

Stanford Research Institute

Stanford University - Clinical Excellence Research Center

Stanford University - Decisions and Ethics Center

Stanford University - Organizational Dynamics Center

Stanford University - Psychosocial Treatment Laboratory

Strategic Decisions Group

Taube Family Foundation

Touro University

UC Berkeley - Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program

UC Center for Healthcare Quality and Innovation

UCSF Breast Care Center

UCSF Center for Health and Community

UCSF Center for the Health Professions

UCSF Center of Excellence for Breast Cancer Care

UCSF Cancer Registry

UCSF Decision Services

UCSF Department of Surgery

UCSF Development Office

UCSF Documents, Media and Mail Services.

UCSF Institute for Health Policy Studies

UCSF Internet World Health Research Center

UCSF Office of Medical Education

UCSF School of Medicine

UCSF Training in Clinical Research Program

United States Department of Defense

University of Michigan

University of Sydney Health Psychology Program

Wells Fargo Foundation

Women's Cancer Resource Center